[fruityloops] (New?) way to use Fruityloops

  • From: "___" <toda_V@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 01:25:02 -0700

Greetings everyone!

To start this post off, here is my music so far.  


Although it is not a small collection by current standards, there will always 
be more to come, especially now that I dont work and spend about 80% of my 
waking time making music.

Fruityloops rocks.  It sure is too bad not every piece of music software allows 
the user to do what is possible in a 7.5 MB package.  Everyday, there is 
something new that I learn about Fruity, and I have been using it since 2000.  
Just the other day, I got it to finally sync up with Cool Edit Pro and Cubase. 
. . . . 

I run an AMD K6 800MHz with 384 MB RAM on a (eeek!) Via TX133A board, with 
Windows 98SE.  I have a SBAWE 64 Gold with 4MB, a DMAN Midiman, and the 
mainboards built-in soundcard (VIA AC`97), the SB being my mixdown and main 
amp, using the other two soundcards thru an old Pioneer PA board.  I also use 
the new MidiTech Midicontrol keyboard, which I purchased for a measly $150, as 
my main axe.  It has 12 knobs for use with midi and vst, plus pitch and mod 
wheels and a data slider.  Not a bad setup for under a grand.

I was curious if anyone else out there uses Fruityloops the same way I use it.  
When I have completed my tracks, I will render, by track at a time, all the 
tracks in the song.  Then I import these into Cool Edit or Cubase, and record 
more live stuff around the sequenced arrangements.  Here is the cool part, tho. 
 I then reimport all the tracks into their own channel in Fruity, and I build a 
quasi-professional mix using plugins and the knobs on my axe for various things 
like volume and panning and filter.  Sure, it takes alot of RAM to do such a 
thing, but I got that covered, and sure also, I could just use Cubase to do my 
mixdowns, but I find the Fruity interface too easy and addictive.  In fact, 
most people with at least 64MB RAM and at least a PII could load one or two 
whole tracks and build sequences around them if they feel inclined.  And then, 
syncing up with your favorite multitrack program allows you to record more live 
tracks right next to your sequences.

Anyways, let me know how this turns out for you if you get it working.  Id like 
to think Im the only one doing this, but I feel better sharing the knowledge 
with dedicated users.

Also, I couldnt get my midi out to play any of my soundfonts.  Tried everything 
possible, including setting banks and patches, but to no avail.  I am thinking 
it might be my motherboard of all things.  The reason I think this is because I 
cant actually record a track in Cool Edit Pro in the multitrack view without 
the mic noise coming in, altho ive muted and turned down every mic on every 
mixer in my setup.  Cubase comes with the ASIO configuration tool, which runs 
every time you open Cubase, and it records fine without noise.  So I am sure 
that it is either my motherboard or .. . . . my motherboard!  Take note, that 
when i record in the waveform view of Cool Edit Pro, I get no noise.  Only when 
the DirectSound is in action doing the full-duplex thing on the multitrack 
view, and only in Cool Edit Pro. . .  .hmmmm.


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