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Hey there.

Your song has a pretty cool intelligent groove.  The voice sample gives it a 
good twist.

If I was going to better it, I`d automate some of the knobs.  Get some extra 
noises in there and pan them around or something.  Run the snare thru a short 
slapback echo at the end of every four measures every so often.  The synth 
would sound cool with a heavy phazer there at the end.  What Im really saying 
is make it a bit more interesting, thats all.  The only reason i listen or make 
dance music anymore is to better my production techniques.  Just a plain 
bassline, drumloop, and a couple of synth melodies over and over for 4:18(!!) 
minutes wears on the nerves a bit if your not dancing.  Im sure there are quite 
a few people out there who feel similarly.  I can hear the potential fullness 
of your mix in my head.  It just needs a good punch to wake u up every couple 
of seconds, and i dont mean entrancing with a single snare.

Well, you asked.  Thats just my two cents.

Write back and let me know if you think Im too cocky.  :)


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  Hey gang ..

  If you're interested, check out the rough mix of my newest track (composed 
and engineered entirely with FruityLoops + plugins) at 
http://www.ampcast.com/robinsonstreet .  I'd love to hear feedback, 
particularly on the mix, and anything I could do to improve it.



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