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This is Vmax -
I first discovered music software when I watched an email attachment
of a video promoting some type of martial arts event.
The background music was really cool and I asked if it was available
on CD and who the artist was.
I was told that the music was created with something called Acid.

Investigating and downloading the ACID demo was how I first used music
software. I was intrigued by the potential to create all kinds of music
but was not to enthusiastic about the ACID format (cut & paste).

Then I discovered Mixman software and this was more to my liking because
of the real-time effect your input had on the sound produced.
But then someone showed me the Fruityloops3 demo. After creating a
faithful reproduction of a drum segment from a popular song I was hooked!

I've had the demo at home for about a year and I am still blown away
by what can be done! "If this is possible in the demo", I asked,
"what can the full version do??!!"

I stumbled onto this forum a few weeks ago and am glad to read 
the great tips and answers to many of my questions!

> - how long you have been using fruityloops. 
So far I only have the demo - about a year of off & on playing.

> - what you use fruityloops for (making loops, doing complete songs,
> coming up with hooks, which genre... etc)

I'd like to eventually make something cool sounding like the 
track heard in the movie The MATRIX. It plays during the scene
where the woman in the red dress walks by. It is called clubbed to death.

> - what you like about fruityloops/favourite features.

Being able to sit down without an idea and still crank out
something good! I prefer the clicking of tabs to make music in
Fruityloops over the cut & paste of Acid.

> - what you dislike about fruityloops/missing features.

I don't have extensive technical knowledge of 'Loops
so I can't really say there is anything I dislike.

Thanks for providing this forum.

My first question will post soon!


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