[fruityloops] Re: Multiple Midi outs ???

  • From: "Andrew Ebling" <andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 21:09:03 +0100

> This list has been soooo quiet lately??

Yup - shame that :-(.

> Anyway I have just bought a hardware sound module. A Roland JV2080 and
> hit a few problems.
> 1/ how do you trigger multiple patches from the same hardware synth ?? I
> understand its to do with the midi channel but can't figure it out ??

I'd recommend the following approach:

- set up the synth in multi-timbral mode (i.e. to play different patches
different MIDI channels) with the patches you want assigned to different
MIDI channels.
- Create a MIDI out channel for each patch and set each to the MIDI channels
you setup above.
- Create a Layer channel and assign the MIDI channels as children of the
layer - so you can trigger all of the MIDI out channels at once.

That way you can control the levels (plus other parameters) of the patches

Alternatively, you could set up a single MIDI out channel to transmit on
say, channel 5 and setup your module to play five different sounds, all
triggered from channel 5.

> 2/ how do I record the hardware synth back into fruity ?? again I have the
> sound routed through a simple mixer and am hearing it but can't figure out
> how to record it ?

You need to record the output into an audio track - there was a detailed
tutorial on this very topic in Computer Music issue 62 (August this year).
You should be able to pick up a back-issue fairly easily...

> 3/ How do you take into account midi delay and ensure all parts are timed
> correctly.

The MIDI delay _should_ be too small to notice.  In fact, the latency of
your sound card will probably be more of an issue, unless you are trying to
put shed-loads of data down the MIDI cable.  Either way, just chop a couple
of seconds of the start of a recorded wav if the delay has become a problem.

hope that helps,


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