[fruityloops] Monitor Speakers, Sound cards, midi yoke

  • From: "TJ Cinnamon" <tjcinnamon@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 04:35:43 +0000

  Has anyone ever tried to sync fruity using the internal soft midi hub 
called Midi Yoke.

  I can get fruity to play when I press play in acid but cannot get acid to 
play when I press play in fruity. Which I think is weird considering 
everybody keeps stressing the fact that only fruity can be the master?

  The best solution to my sync problem is running fruity as a VSTi in
acid because then the tempos change simultaniously but it taxes the shit out 
of processor, it freezes most of the time and there is a 1-2 sec delay when 
I press play [I think it's a latency issue].

I am very new to midi so I could be wrong about a few things so do not be 
afraid to point any mistakes out please.

Any solutions and ideas will be appreciated thanks


P.S.  I think Acid uses a midi timecode to sync itself with other programs 
fruity recognizes this timecode, however when fruity sends a message to 
acid; acid does not recognize this message because it is not in the midi 
timecode format.  Does that sound correct? if so is there anyway to change 

P.S.S What do people recomend for Studio monitor speakers I was offered a 
pair of New Samson 65a Resolve studio monitor speakers for $199 should I 
take the offer up?  Also what non-rack sound card recomendations do people 
have I was thinking (Terratec DMX 6 Fire or a Gina) I have no hardware and 
the only peice I think I'm getting is a Drehbank 64 channel midi control 

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