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  • From: Tim Jenkins <TimJ@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 15:33:08 +0100

Thanks a lot Andy I will have a play when I get home. 

Just one thing I know Midi works by using different channels for different
sounds, will this detect this automatically or will I have to set it up ??

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On Fri, 2002-10-18 at 13:32, Tim Jenkins wrote:

> I have finally bought a midi controller keyboard but am having a major
> headache trying to get the thing to work. 
> Just a few questions really
> Do I need drivers ? 

Not if your sound card is properly installed.

> I have connected the keyboard (Roland ed pc-160A) via the joystick port on
> my soundblaster in case you need to know ?!? 
> How does a keyboard work with fruity ?
> can I set it up so that I can play the internal synths ?
> Do I have to set up my PC to receive / send midi specifically or will it
> recognise it automatically ???

In fruityloops Options->MIDI options.  There should be a dropdown list
that lets you choose a MIDI input device.  I think you should only have
one to choose from, but if you do have more than one, tell us which ones
are available and we'll help you out.

Somewhere in fruity (and I can't remember where, I think it may be in
the options menu) there is an option called something like "Enable MIDI
remote control".  You have to make sure this option is turned on.

Now if you press a key on the keyboard, you should see the little square
orange light (underneath the menu bar) flash.

If you select a channel in the step sequencer window (i.e. so the green
light to the right of the channel but is lit), you should be able to
play the instrument held in that channel.

> As much help as possible please people as I have read the manual on the
> fruity home page and it doesn't make it sound that easy ?? please try to
> common words rarther than trying to make it all sound flash 

I've done my best.  If anything isn't clear, don't be afraid to ask.

> PS I didn't think it was going to be this difficult and I am starting to
> think I shouldn't have bothered so please be patent. :)   

Don't worry, I'm sure your purchase was worthwhile and we'll have you up
and running in no time.

best regards,


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