[fruityloops] MIDI in fruityloops

  • From: Andrew Ebling <aebling@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 07 Feb 2002 07:35:56 +0000


I was trying to get MIDI channels going last night without much
success.  I can play notes on the keyboard and get them played in
fruityloops (plus I can record myself playing), but I can't get a MIDI
track to playback out to the MIDI output.  My MIDI keyboard (korg X5D)
is connected via a single serial connection to the computer and this
setup works fine in Micrologic AV.

I've tried the obvious things such as making sure the correct output is
assigned in the MIDI settings dialog, plus experimenting with port
numbers, but I still get no output.  One thing I have noticed is that
the output setting in the MIDI setup dialog seems to forget its state
after it is closed, reverting to the "MIDI mapper", rather than one of

i) SB PCI external MIDI output
ii) SB PCI internal synth
iii) korg PC/IF

Is this a bug?

Can anyone else see if they can persuade fruityloops to output MIDI to
the internal synth in a soundcard?   I can't even get this to work.
best regards,


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