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Hi Cedric,

Both the Radiums and the Evolution keyboard you have chosen would be sound
choices.  You should also consider what Edirol has to offer:


I don't think any of these keyboards support aftertouch, which lets you
control how a sound developes after you have pressed a note, by varying the
pressure on the key.

Another option, if the budget can stretch to it, is to get an entry level
synth and use that as a controller keyboard - I use a Korg X5D for that
purpose, although it has no assignable knobs on the front panel.  Assignable
knobs are useful if you'd like to be able to control softsynth etc in real
time, or like to have a more "hands on" approach to creating synth patches.

hope that helps,

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Hi all!

Since this board has been pretty quiet, here is a question.
I'm planing on buying a keyboard controler or MIDI controler. We're
talking simple stuff here.
I've seen 3 that seem approximately similar:
-MK249 by evolution ($100)
-Radium by M-Audio (69 keys) ($200)
-Radium by M-Audio (49 keys) ($160)

What do you think of those? Would you advise any of those or any
I'm looking at something simple but that has more than 2 octaves. I
don't want to spend too much money but I don't want to get anything
that's going to be useless. Can my percusionnist/drum machine player
can plug it in his drum machine and use those live?



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