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Make sure you get enough octaves, as I bought the Roland PC60 and now
realise it doesn't have enough octaves for you to play proper keyboard.
However if all you want to do is mess about then any small controller will

There are programs that will work from you guitar. This will make your
electric guitar your midi controller. That way you are working in a medium
you already understand. (may be an alternative ??)

Good Luck 

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Can't live without my Evolution MK249C.
All depends on how many keys and knobs you want,
some like fewer keys, some like a lot but generally=20
the more knobs the better!

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Hi all!

I just subscribed to this list so I hope this works!
I had FruityLoops for a long time but don't spend as
much time on it as I should.
My main difficulty is to translate what I hear in my
head to the computer via a mouse. I was wondering if a
simple keayboard/MIDI controler wouldn't be easier.
I tried the computer keayboard but that sucked badly:)
I'm trying to force myself into the computer music
realm because there is so much I want to do with it
and that I know I can do. Just for anyone's info I
play bass, guitar, Chapman Stick and just purchased an
upright bass and also sing.... I'm not too much of a
mouse clicker as you can see:) But when i listen to
Laswell, Karsh Kale or some Midival Punditz, I know I
need to get in this!
So let me know if you advise a keayboard controler and
if yes which ones and also what are the important
features that I should look into.
Thanks already!


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