[fruityloops] Just introducing myself a bit.

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Name: Matias
Age: stone     :-}=3D=3D=3D+


in the milky way, on a little fucked up spot called the earth, on a =
piece of land called Venezuela, if you come to our world don't visit any =
powerful nation at this time, humans there will use your space sh=ECp as =
a weapon to destroy himself, dont ask why since they dont know either.

Do you have a babe?:

Ahhh, she's so cute :)

Experience with FL:

I got it since v1.5 by a group named RADIUM, later I became clean =
purchased it on v3.3 (among other stuff)

At first it was just a toy I reckon, with lots of bugs and probs, but =
the shit catch my eyes since every new sub version added so much funny =
tools (and of course the funny name), rarely seen in other softwares =
FruityLoops grew very quick.

The program was a very useful tool to make quick things, the name =
FruityLoops was so well choosed at that time, it was the prefect program =
to do custom loops to later use them on my Sequencer.

With the help of faster and faster CPU's, Fruity grew to the point that =
it became a sonic laboratory, where everything can be made, from =
Standard genres to experimental stuff, my best experience with FL =
occured when I purchased it and could meet the staff and great people on =
the forums, they really listen to the customer.

Well thats my experience.

Rant: It lacks from a proper multitrack recording environment at this =
time but that will be a thing of the past on v4 (I hope)

Some words to your fellow Fruitarians:

Glad to re-meet you ;)

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