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My name is Christopher Maples, I live in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and I am a
Fruityloops addict.

I dont work.  I dont have any friends.  I dont get out of the house much
really.  But I do use Fruityloops at the heart of my software music
compositions.  Ive rendered rock, electronica, and ambient out of it so far.
I plan on using it in ways that havent been conceived of yet.  The older
tracks I did before using Fruityloops were rendered with Koan Pro, a
spritely MIDI sequencer with soundfont support and the `Ambient Voice`, a
function that lets you load a wave and allow it to randomly sequence itself.
Fruityloops revolutionized home computer music, but only because of the
difference between perception and reality.

You can hear the music at


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