[fruityloops] Interesting way to use patterns

  • From: "Gwydion Elderwyn" <Gwydion@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Fruityloops Mailing List" <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 22:15:03 +1000

It occured to me tonight that patterns do not have to contain any notes at
all - they can contain just automation data.  I gave it a try and sure
enough, Fruity is quite happy with it.

Why is this useful?  I'll explain with an example.  You might also want to
download http://www.elderwyn.com/public/fxdemo.flp (19k) which shows it in

Say you've got a particular riff that gets repeated through your song, but
you'd like to do different things with it along the way.  For example,
gradually reduce a filter cutoff through the riff, or gradually increase the
resonance, or somesuch.

One way to approach it would be to record your automation for every instance
of the riff.  So you'd need one pattern for each variation, and the pattern
would contain both the notes and the automation.

What I'm suggesting instead is to record the notes on one pattern, but then
start a new pattern and record (or draw) the automation into that.  Be sure
to name your patterns so you know what is what.

This way, you only use one pattern for the main riff, rather than having to
use a seperate pattern for each variation of the riff, and you can then drop
in bars of the automation where you need them.

Still doesn't sound that useful?  Consider this.  Say you've recorded the
riff (and controllers) six times, for six different variations of filter
levels or whatever the automations happen to be.  Now you decide that you
want to change the notes in the riff.  Well, you have to do it six times,
whereas using my method you only have to do it once.

Or, consider this: You have three or four riffs, but would like to use the
same automation effect (eg, filter sweep) on all of them at various times.
All you need to do is drop in the automation pattern(s) at the appropriate

Final example: You change the tone the riff plays and now the filter sweeps
you recorded are too severe.  If you have use a seperate 'filter sweep'
automation pattern, you only have to edit it once!

Have fun FL'ers!


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