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Er yeah, that's how the song exchange works on the official fruity forum

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Just an idea ??=20

If you are only using the standard fl settings and effects is it
possible to transfer this as a fl file ?? This way we would be able to
debug each other work a hell of a lot easier than guessing where its
going wrong ?=20

In a situation like this the whole song (fl file) could be transferred
across to another member of the list and maybe the non generic sounds
could be transferred as MP3's and converted at the other end ??=20

Is this possible (Andy?????)=20

As I said just an idea as it does sometime become difficult to guess
others are doing ?  =20

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"I wonder if it's possible to import a guitar sound from my Yamaha
soundcard in order to create a new sound in FL to be used in one of my


"Use a wav editor like cool edit to record the output of the yamaha
sound card whilst playing the note and then import this wav into a
sampler channel in fruity."

I've made this already. I've record the guitar sound in Cubase and my
tune sounds exactly as I wanted to. Anyway, I still have a problem. It
seems that some channels are "muted" by one particular sound which has
lots of reverberation.

It's very hard to explain by words so I will ask you where can I upload
my tune (Mp3 format) so that you can hear what I'm talking about.



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