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> Hi,
>     this my first post.... hello.
> <bit of history> I have been using the excellent and amazing FruityLoops
> about 8 months now and it would be safe to say that I'm addicted. I have
> managed to get to grips with the step-sequencer, piano-roll,
> and the playlist</bit of history>, but when it comes to stuff like LFO and
> knowing which way to turn and which knob to twist in effects or plugin I
> lost.  So hopefully being part of this mailing list will help.

I hope so.  The best way to get help is to ask specific questions, tackling
one or two things at a time.

> Is there any
> tutorials on here about these things?

I hope to produce some in the not too distant future.  Have you been through
all the flash based tutorials on the fruityloops website?

> Anyways, my original question is...
> ...I have recently got hold of a Yamaha QY70 sequencer which is great to
> musical ideas down whilst on the move. I can hook it up to FruityLoops and
> use it as a keyboard to play my Fruity samples and plugins, but I was
> wondering if any of yous have managed to hook it up and get the actual
> Yamaha QY70 sounds into my PC and played through FruityLoops?  Let me know
> if you have accomplished this.

Is it possible to use the QY70 as a tone module?  (i.e. can you trigger its
internal sounds via the MIDI in connection?)  I'd imagine this would be
possible, seeing as most people would hook it up to a keyboard to use it.
If so, you could just just the MIDI out plugin to trigger the QY70 sounds
and feed the audio output of the QY70 to the input of your soundcard for
monitoring/recording purposes.

Another possibility (but rather painstaking) is to sample each of the sounds
you want to use and bring them into a sampler channel, or if you want to
create multi samples (so that different samples get played for hi/lo
velocities etc) you are better of creating sound fonts and using the sound
font player.

hope that helps,


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