[fruityloops] Re: I was wondering if any of you have a QY70 hooked up to Fruity...

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Always cut your loops at the zero crossing point . . . most audio editors, I
presume, will enable you to zoom in to a 1:1 ratio on the wav . . . where
you see the wav cross the centerline is where you want to cut . . .

Hitting this line can be a bit harder if you sample in stereo, because you
have 2 wavs to cut . . . if for some reason they don't cross the horizontal
line at the same spot, which can often happen if your pan is set unevenly,
you will still get pops and clicks . . . one way to combat this is to record
in mono, chop, and convert the wav to stereo . . .

Layyyter . . .
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>when it comes to stuff like LFO and
>knowing which way to turn and which knob to twist in effects or plugin I
>lost.  So hopefully being part of this mailing list will help. Is there any
>tutorials on here about these things?

that is something you just learn after playing for a while. if you use a lot
of the soft synths (3osc, wasp, etc.) then a tutorial on subtractive
synthesis wold do you some good. try
http://tyala.freeyellow.com/2ansynth.htm for that or
http://tilt.largo.fl.us/faq/synthfull.html for a full introduction to
synthesisers covering subtractive, additive, fm, wavetable, etc.

>I was wondering if any of you have managed to hook it up and get the actual
>Yamaha QY70 sounds into my PC and played through FruityLoops?  Let me know
>if you have accomplished this.

the easiest way to do this would be to have the seq controlled by midi,
first, you would have to sample the sounds in soundforge or cooledit. i'm
not sure if this thing is a synth type deal or more of a drum machine, but
if it's a synth sound you will have to insert loop points so the sample can
play on for as long as you want. (i would actually like some assistance on
this, since i can't seem to do it without getting a click at the loop
point.) then load the samples into sampler objects in fruity, if it's drum
type sounds, then it's easier to have them controlled by a layer.

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