[fruityloops] I was wondering if any of you have a QY70 hooked up to Fruity...

  • From: "Jon Hudson" <hoolak@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 23:27:42 +0100

    this my first post.... hello.
<bit of history> I have been using the excellent and amazing FruityLoops for 
about 8 months now and it would be safe to say that I'm addicted. I have 
managed to get to grips with the step-sequencer, piano-roll, (preset)effects 
and the playlist</bit of history>, but when it comes to stuff like LFO and 
knowing which way to turn and which knob to twist in effects or plugin I get 
lost.  So hopefully being part of this mailing list will help. Is there any 
tutorials on here about these things?

Anyways, my original question is...
...I have recently got hold of a Yamaha QY70 sequencer which is great to put 
musical ideas down whilst on the move. I can hook it up to FruityLoops and 
use it as a keyboard to play my Fruity samples and plugins, but I was 
wondering if any of yous have managed to hook it up and get the actual 
Yamaha QY70 sounds into my PC and played through FruityLoops?  Let me know 
if you have accomplished this.


I like making electronica, atmospheric, hip-hoppy, DJ Shadowy type music. :)

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