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This is an open letter from audioMIDI.com to our customers. We are
soliciting your support for a cause we believe in and trust you will as
well, being that you have proved so already by purchasing software from us.

Software piracy is a dilemma and as a business who depends on software for
it's existence and to serve our customer base, we wish it didn't exist.
Let's face it, it does exist and thankfully most people are honest and
further development on the software we use and depend on will continue. One
thing that is not often thought of is that if we didn't purchase (actually
pay for) the software we wouldn't have the benefit of it in the first

 Sometimes the lengths that the developers go to, to protect themselves from
piracy seem counter-productive and actually place barriers between them and
their ultimate customers. Nevertheless it's their way of insuring some
profitability so they may continue to develop better products for the
"paying" customers.

 In actuality, without these tools we would be less efficient, less
creative, less productive and have to spend much more to achieve the same

 So, if you're of the same mind, join with me to support 'Be-Cool.org' and
get listed as a "piracy free user/studio" it's Free and it's a great cause,
spread the word. Check it out and sign on if compelled to do so:
http://www.be-cool.org and sign on.



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