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> > hey Gwydz...I see you're using an Egosys product...how do you like it?
> Love it to death since they released the v3 drivers (I run WinXP).
> Just look at the latencies:
>     Reason: 5ms @ 96khz
>     Fruity: 2ms @ 96khz
>     Cakewalk: 5.3ms @ 48khz (CW doesn't do 96khz)
> How can you not love that !!

quite incredible latency...EgoSys has been hard at work
longer than about anyone else, trying to come up with WDM
drivers (or E-WDM, as they prefer to call them)...I'm aware of this since I
have a wamirack 24 that I love to death, myself...unfortunately my wamirack
gets a super-weird 60 cycle
hum going in the host cable (I think) and it causes a visible pattern to
appear on my television sets...the wife wanted to smash it so I went out and
got an M-Audio Delta 1010...the Delta also causes
some minor interference too, but not like the wamirack does...EgoSys claimed
they didn't know what was causing it...I wanted to pay to have them fix it
but they didn't seem interested...a great shame...but I'll be holding in to
it anyway, because it is a mean recording machine...noticably better than

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