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> > The United States...the midwestern US
> OK, well you use 60hz mains, so I'd really suspect you're getting an
> induction current in that cable.
> Obvious questions first;
> * Was it running parallel with a mains cable?

probably...everything is plugged up to a rackmount tripp-Lite surge
supressor...including the computer.

> * Was it running against a wall (which might means it's running parallel
> with internal wiring)
no...the outlet that the surge suppressor is plugged to is nowhere near the
back of the rack
> Then again, you said it caused interference on the TV which suggests that
> it's sending off RF interference which is even more strange.
yes...I'm not hip to why that is, either.
> Did the TV interference happen as soon as the computer (with the card
> installed) was switched on?  What about if the rack part was disconnected
interference starts as soon as the wamirack on/off swich is switched on..and
if you take the wamirack host cable loose fron the computer the interference
> (ie, only the pci card installed)?  Or did it only cause the interference
> when you were doing something with it (ie, playing or recording)?
using the wami has not effect...the switching it on does is what does it
> If the former, I'd start to wonder if your computer is properly earthed.
> Then again, don't you Americans only use two-prong power points (ie, with
> earth)?  I've never been there but I've seen US mains plugs ...
I wired this whole house myself and all recepticles are grounded.
> I'd be really keen to know if the TV interference goes away if the wami
> is disconnected.  Perhaps you can give it a try?

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