[fruityloops] Re: From loops to full songs

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You could also look at Sonar. It is a little harder to use that Acid (more
experience needed), but it's marvelous. It also supports "acidized loops",
they are called "groove clips".

I could use Fruity to mix, but on an 4 min song you have like over 135 bars
and since you can't zoom, it's hard navigating around. Also the lack of
markers makes things harder, because you can't see clearly the different
sections of the songs.

What I love in Sonar is the posibility to "archive" tracks - it's a kind of
mute, but an archived track consumes 0% CPU no matter how many effects you
have on them. So if your computer can't keep up, you bounce a few tracks
then archive the originals.

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> > Sorry, I didn't make that very clear.  I meant to say "you are better
> > off creating the loops/riffs in fruityloops and then constructing a full
> > song using them in Acid.  You can save "acidized" wavs which I think
> > handles all the tempo matching for you.  Can someone confirm this?
> Yep, that's true.  However - Acid 4 has just been released which natively
> supports VST instruments!
> If it works with Fruity, it will be a damn good way to mix loops with
> fruity!

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