[fruityloops] Re: FX - phaser/flanger + Saving songs

  • From: Andrew Ebling <andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 09 Dec 2002 14:39:03 +0000

On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 14:19, simon.heath wrote:
> Hi, when I use phaser or flanger as an FX I can never remove it even when
> I've selected "None" in FX. I can still hear it on certain channels. Does
> anyone know how to deal with this??

Have you inserted a phaser or flanger into one of the send channels and
are sending to that track from several FX channels?

That is the only logical explanation I can think of.  Try turning on the
solo function and going through the FX channels one at a time to figure
out what is going on.

> Also does anyone know how I can save my song in a way that I can send it by
> email to people? Is this possible? I'm sorry if there's a really obvious way
> to do it!!

The zipped loop package is perfect for doing this.  File->Export->Zipped
loop package.

This basic zips together the flp and all the required samples.  Note it
does not include vst/vsti dlls, so the person receiving the file will
need to have the same synths and fx installed to be able to play the
file as you hear it.

hope that helps,


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