[fruityloops] FL Speech trouble..

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  • Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 17:38:36 +0100

Hi Guys,

I can't get my FLoops Speech thingie to work.

I can neither preview the presets, or hear my own words when I type in type
in text in the box.

Everything else appears to be OK.

Any Ideas?

Cheers, Matt.


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Subject: [fruityloops] Re: Channel and exporting trouble...

> I'm using 17 MIDI Out channels in this track I'm
> making, and a few of the instruments I've assigned to
> some of those channels have changed to an instrument
> that I'm already using else where. Plus they won't let
> me change them back - Why is this?

The maximum number of midi channels you can assign is 16, and of that,
channel 10 is almost always reserved exclusively for drums.

> Secondly, if I'm using a combination of MIDI and WAV
> files in my track, how can I export the whole thing as
> one file glommed together?

If you mean, to record it so you can make an mp3 or similar - you're going
to need multi-track audio software.  You're going to need to feed the output
from your synthesiser into your soundcard's input and record just the synth
parts.  Then you have to export the WAV parts from fruity.  Then use a
multitrack audio program to combine the two.


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