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> couple of things to say here:
> >No question FL is a great tool for making dance music, but I'd like to
> >see/hear/meet musicians who are using it for other things, like Ambient,
> >Celtic, even Rock.  Anyone here in that category?  URLs?
> i've been using fruity for non-dance stuff for a while now and a potpourri
> of examples can be found at
> (the site isn't actually done yet, but the music is up.)

 OK, I'm downloading right now...

> there was some talk a few months ago about the m-audio delta 2496
> and i just wanted to say that i am having excellent results since
> one after a terrible experience with an echo mia.

Talking of soundcards, I took the plunge over the weekend and installed the
kx project drivers for my sblive card (well its actually on load to me) and
was pleasantly surprised by the results.  I'd still like to get a 2496 card
one day, but I've now got the latency down to acceptable levels with the
live! so that will do for now.

> am i completely missing something or is there no way to record audio in
> fruity?

I've not tried this, but I've heard it discussed on the forum.  If you get
EZ-editor, you can set it up to start recording when you press go inside

Alternatively, you could use a completely separate program like cooledit2000
and simply set it recording when you play back the rest of the song in
fruity.  You would need to put some kind of percussive sound right at the
start of the song, so that you can edit the recorded track and cut the
silence off before the start of the track (and silence out the section
containing the marker sound).

Another option is to get n-track studio and use it like you would use acid.
I recently registered it and find it great for mixing songs that have been
put together in fruity.

> up until recently i have been using acid (for lack of anything better) to
> record after exporting all the non-live stuff from fruity and i finally
> too frustrated with this. i am very much looking forward to fruity as a
> in 3.5 so i can use it in logic or cubase.

I was quite looking forward to the vsti thing, but since the news of emagic
back stabbing their PC users, I have decided not to use their software any
more, so I won't have to rely on it once it is not supported and completely
obsolete with modern hardware and OSes.  Thank goodness I didn't blow 600GBP
on logic platinum a few months back!


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