[fruityloops] Re: FL Music other than dance music ... ?

  • From: "Doktor Scragz" <scragz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 08:31:56 -0700

couple of things to say here:

>No question FL is a great tool for making dance music, but I'd like to
>see/hear/meet musicians who are using it for other things, like Ambient,
>Celtic, even Rock.  Anyone here in that category?  URLs?

i've been using fruity for non-dance stuff for a while now and a potpourri 
of examples can be found at http://members.cox.net/scragz/static/music.html 
(the site isn't actually done yet, but the music is up.)

there was some talk a few months ago about the m-audio delta 2496 soundcard 
and i just wanted to say that i am having excellent results since purchasing 
one after a terrible experience with an echo mia.

am i completely missing something or is there no way to record audio in 

up until recently i have been using acid (for lack of anything better) to 
record after exporting all the non-live stuff from fruity and i finally got 
too frustrated with this. i am very much looking forward to fruity as a vsti 
in 3.5 so i can use it in logic or cubase.

that's all,

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