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  • From: Andrew Ebling <andyebling@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 25 Nov 2002 09:38:28 +0000

On Mon, 2002-11-25 at 09:04, Tim Jenkins wrote:

> Can somebody please explain the send channels in the effects channel 
> Up until now I have only used 1 to 16 but am now finding I am now at a point
> where I am straining my PC. Am I right that I can put, say, a generic reverb
> on a send and free up effects channels and hence free my processor too ??

Yes this is correct.  If you put a reverb in send 1 and  set it to 100%
wet and 0% dry (this is the correct configuration when used in a send
channel), then you can send small amounts of sound to this send channel
using the first of the four dials in the bottom right of the FX window. 
Simply set these dials for each FX channel (to send a different amount
of sound from each one).

I generally have two reverbs, one on Send1, another on Send2.  The first
one I set up with a short decay (around 1-1.5 secs) the other I send up
with a longer decay (up to 4 secs).  This is really handy for mixing
purposes; sounds that just need a little "Ambience" I send 3-5% to send
1.  For sounds that I want to "float" in the mix, I send 10-15% to send
2 (with the longer decay reverb).

It is also possible to send sound part way through an FX channel to a
send channel, say from slot three upwards rather than from the end as
you do if you use the black dials in the bottom right of the FX window. 
This is done by inserting a "Fruity Send" plugin.

I think there is quite a good flash tutorial on this called "FX
explained" or something similar here:


I can't seem to access them at the moment, but that is probably because
I'm at work and running Linux.

hope that helps,


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