[fruityloops] Re: Does FL run better on a P4 than on an Athlon XP?

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I answered this question on the computer music forum (posted by
"crossfire").  I've copied the answer I gave below:

I have heard arguments for both options, but the case for the athlon seemed
more convincing. Its cheaper for the same raw cpu power too.

See http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/02q2/020506/index.html for a detailed
comparison of the athlon XP and P4.


PS.  Probably the most important performance metric for fruityloops is
CPU<->Memory bandwidth, so be sure to choose a memory technology that offers
the best throughput (this could in turn dictate your choice of CPU!).
Again, see toms hardware for info on this.
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> I'm running it on XP, 2.2 Athlon. Doesn't seem to be optimised, but does
> a lot faster (but then again, it would...) and is super stable.
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> >
> >Im about to invest in a new system.
> >
> >I am wondering if anyone knows whether Fruity Loops runs better on a P4
> >an
> >Athlon XP?
> >
> >Is it optimized for any of them?
> >
> >Or perhaps Dual P3 or Dual Athlon MP?
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