[fruityloops] Re: Direct X plug-ins

  • From: "patrick bachi" <bachi_patrick@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 12:36:53 +0000

Thanks man. And what about Hyperprism, Cakewalk and SonicFoundry plugins? 
They are DirectX plugins, right? The same way to get them available?

>From: "Gwydion Elderwyn" <Gwydion@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: [fruityloops] Re: Direct X plug-ins
>Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 10:37:14 +1000
> > Steinberg Quadra Fuzz
>OK, that's a VST plugin.  I would expect that it's been installed in the
>default location, which is c:/program files/cubase/vstplugins or something
>What you need to do is look at your c: drive and find out exactly what this
>directory is.
>Then in Fruityloops, go to Options -> File and click on the folder under
>"VST Plugins Extra Search Directory" and enter the directory you found.
>Now when you do a refresh of the plugins you should see it.  Bear in mind
>that QF is an effect, not an instrument, so it won't show up in the 
>area, only in the FX area.

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