[fruityloops] Re: DJ Equipment Raves

  • From: "Sinatra Y2k" <sinatra_y2k@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 08:36:48 -0700

> At these raves I see a DJ, Two turntables and a mixer of some sorts.
Would it be possible to hook up a laptop with FL, a bunch of midi knobs,
plug in some turntables and DJ with that?  If anyone has some general
information about this kind of stuff, i'd appreciate it being posted.

I do this all the time at my house parties ... Just take the "line-out" from
your soundcard via a $2.00 radio shack adapter into the "line-in" of a DJ
mixer and voila!  I find that Fruity almost never crashes/skips while simply
playing stuff - it only ever happens to me (and very rarely at that) when
I'm recording, so for "performing", its pretty good.  Besides, since I have
the turntables and CD player hooked up too, if it ever does crash - no
biggie.  I sometimes plug-in drum-machines and stuff too, for fun ...
whatever, DJ mixers will accept any RCA audio source.

Also, there is a program out there right now called Ableton Live, which is a
loop-sequencer DESIGNED for live performance and improvisation - it is
supposedly *rock* solid-stable, and features on-the-fly loop-stretching and
BPM adjustment better than Acid. You can drag and drop sound files on the
fly... nice!  If anyone has managed to get their hands on this, I'd sure
like to hear more.  Sounds like it would be AMAZING for live performance of
Loops created with FL.

Oh ... and I bought myself an Oxygen-8 this weekend  ... very, very cool.



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