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X = trigger
0 = No sound 
1 = Still playing the previous triggered track 

Say : 
drum is a 4 beat pattern (1 bar) 
And say bass is a 8 beat pattern (2bars) 
And a looped synth on 16beats (4 bars) 

Let also say you want a 3 bar pattern (12 beats)(maybe a piano) but only
over some of the song

In the piano roll it will look like this:

Bass            X1X1X1X1X1X1X1X1
Synth           X111X111X111X111
Piano   0000X110X1100000

Hope its lined up when you received it :) 

All the pattern lengths in the step sequencer are the same you are just
using the piano roll lengths to adjust the pattern length (ish!?!?) 

Remember that "all" fruity does is trigger samples 

Is that understandable or have I just made things worse?!?! 


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How do,
Does it loop in pattern mode like this?  If you have a 4 bar part in the
piano roll, Fruity should play it in it's entirety in pattern mode...
within each pattern itself, you can't mix the bar lengths without
undesirable looping of other parts if they are shorter...
Try this as an example: have a look at the "3xOsc fun" song under Cool Stuff
and select pattern 2 - the duda-sn3 and duda-strpad are 4 bars in length and
loop correctly in pattern mode.  Look at the playlist and see that pattern 1
(1 bar) is triggered every bar whereas pattern 2 (4 bars) is triggered on
bars 9 & 13...

Apologies for the slightly clumsy explanation, if you were sitting next to
me, we could rattle this out in seconds!
However: Any clearer?


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Hi Stuart

"In the step sequencer, I don't think so, but you can if you use the Piano
Roll (I typically have 2 bar beats (played twice) with 4 bar melodies).
Just make sure you enter the patterns correctly on the song playlist (i.e.,
beat on 1 & 3 - 5 & 7, melody on 1 & 5)..."

What is the procedure to change length? You just have to put notes over the
bar 2.00.00? Is this enough?
I think not because, even when I do that, it loops at that point.....


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