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  • From: "Ryan" <ryan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 15:14:54 -0800

Question:  How do I reset all automation data?

Thanks in advance,

Tip below:

From: "Rui Barata" <rbarata@xxxxxxx>
> "I wonder if it's possible to import a guitar sound from my Yamaha
soundcard in order to create a new sound in FL to be used in one of my

I use FL almost exclusively this way.  If you go to TOOLS>ADD EXTERNAL
TOOLS, you can choose other programs to be launched when you start up FL.

When I start FL, Soundforge 6.0 and the windows calculator start up too.
Once i've made a beat in FL, I use the formula "60/BPM"x2 to find what the
length of sample should be.  You can keep multiplying that number by 2 to
get longer sample lengths.

I play the beat in FL, and then switch to Soundforge to record and trim the
sample.  You can import your sample back into FL without even stopping the

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