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Whew!  Thanks . . . I thought it was one of those red things you find in an
olive . . . ;-)

Really, though, setting up riffs in a sequencer is an art form all by
itself.  I would have to say mastery of that, and all the rest is pretty
much cakey . . .

Question about sampling one-shots:

What types of processing do you do when your, say, sampling drum hits, bass
notes, etc?

I did some sampling of my Boss DR770 a couple of weeks ago.  The method I
used was to take a particular drum kit and hit all 16 pads, spaced apart,
and saved it in Sound Forge.  Then I went back, topped and tailed, put a
small (2:1) compression on the hit, and did used a "fade out" option before

Seems as though I was getting some strange, hi-frequency noises in the
sequencer if I didn't do that fade out.  In retrospect, I think those noises
may have been "aliasing", which there are filters for in my save options (in
SF and Fruity).

I am wondering what your opinions are on this . . .

Should I have added compression to each hit, or should I not have;
considering compression is only second to the Parametric EQ in my effects
chain in Fruity?

Should I have used anti-aliasing instead of the fade out?

If I am to sample one-shots of stringed instruments on my keyboard, do I
strike-and-release, or strike-and-hold, waiting for the decay to end?

Because the Fruity sequencer doesn't "time-stretch", AFAIK, I have already
decided to sample several different pitches of any given instrument;
Lowest, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 and C6, to be exact.

What are your thoughts?

Layyyter . . .
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> > Hey, don't feel too bad . . . I don't even know what a portiamento is  .
> .
> I know that one :)  A portamento is where you slide one from note to
> another.

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