[fruityloops] Re: Are 16 FX channels enough?

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Good question!  I have a standard setup I use for FLoops wherein I have 6
tracks open.  For the Master FX, I have the dB meter and big clock open, and
for my 6 tracks, I have each one loaded with Parametric EQ first and
Compression second.

At this point, I have yet to add any more than 2 additional FX as I really
don't need any more than 4.  I am kind of the feeling that if I can't get
the sound I am listening for within 4 effects, there's a good chance I am
going about the sounds' manufacture in the wrong fashion.

I guess if one makes dance or electronica all the time, FX are something to
be heaped on lavishly, but sometimes I like a bass to sound like a bass, and
drums to sound like drums, not like crazed, digital blips.

In light of all this, I may wish one day that I had bought into Gigasampler,
because it is supposed to be the best at reproducing real instruments . . .

Layyyter . . .
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Subject: [fruityloops] Are 16 FX channels enough?

> Inspired by a discussion in looptalk, here is something for discussion
> on this list:
> With fruity you have 16 FX channels plus 4 sends at your disposal.
> Is that enough?
> Do you find 16 channels limiting?
> Could you use more?
> Would more FX channels necessarily be a good thing?
> Would a different approach to FX processing be better?  (Perhaps
> something like the environment window in Logic, but for audio rather
> than MIDI).
> What are your thoughts on this?
> Andy
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