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Hi Doug. Regarding the VSTs problem, have you tried "Channels - Add One -
More". Down at the bottom of the list is  a refresh button. Click this and
any new VSTs should be added to the list (in red I think). You'll need to
fill in the tick box of any new VST's that are picked up. The procedure is
similar for adding VST effects as well. In the list of effects you have
available, there should be one in bold called "more". Select that, and at
the bottom, is a "refresh" button. Highlight any red ones that appear. BTW,
Fruity can't tell the difference between a generator and an effect, so if
you try to load an effect in a generator channel you'll get an error message
and vice versa.

Before you do that though, check in "Options - Environment Settings". Here
there should be a tab where you can specify folders which contain your
samples and VSTs. These will then be picked up next time you start Fruity.
You can then preview your samples from the "senseless"  window on the
left(it's also called the sample browser!), and drag & drop them onto the
step sequencer. The sample browser also contains presets for many of the
generators and song automation data.

Sorry if this "help" isn't very helpful, but I'm at work so I'm going by
memory. But as you're a bit of a muso and a computer boffin this should at
least point you in the right direction.

Good luck and have fun.



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My name is Doug Gough, and I live in Surrey, BC, Canada. I'm a computer
technician at a local private school. I've been a musician for 25 years,
mostly playing electric guitar in garage bands, and bass guitar for my
church's worship band. I went to university in the late 1980s, where I
studied electro-acoustic music and electronic music composition. I stopped
composing for several years, but about 3 years ago, I got a new computer and
started using it for composition. I have been doing mostly strange ambient
stuff since then. I picked up a copy of FruityLoops 3 a couple years ago,
and have used it here and there, but not extensively. I'm hoping to use it
more, but I need help. That's why I'm here :-)I like the flexibility of
Fruity, especially the fact that I can easily add new synths and effects,
and now that it is a VSTi, I can use it inside of Audiomulch, which is very
cool. I have a hard time with the pattern sequencer, and I am totally lost
as to how to make sense of the window on the left. It seems to hold a lot of
everything. The plugin database bears no relationship to the actually
plugins in my vst folder. I think that once I've pressed in and actually
finished a couple tunes, I will understand the workflow better. I'm looking
forward to FLStudio. I'll be asking lot's of questions, but hopefully I can
answer some too. I'm quite knowledgeable about computers in general, and
setting up computers for music composition. Along with Fruity, I use
Audiomulch, Cubase 5, and Reason. I don't have any music available on the
web (yet) but I hope to get to the point where I'm composing and finishing
pieces regularily.


Doug Gough

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