[fruityloops] Re: Accessing soundcard's soundbanks via MIDI Out channel

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  • Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 00:42:48 -0000

I think I've found, at least, part of the solution.

So what have I done?

Added a MIDI Out channel which I want to communicate with my soundcard,
press F9 to open Effects window and then select FruityLSD.
In Fruity LSD window its possible to change each channel patch. When I
selected one patch I noticed that there were many more than the usual 127 GM
MIDI patches.
I think this is part of the solution because I think that I could not obtain
all patches and, also, because at the top of Fruity LSD window, where its
possible to change the soundbank it says Roland GM/GS soundset (instead of
Yamaha XG).
If I could find something called XG.dls.......maybe I could have solved my

Let me have your oppinion about this method, maybe there´s another one



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> "I was looking at this last night.  Basically a preset seems to consist
> of setting the various assignable controls on the MIDI out plugin (the
> ones above the auditioning keyboard) with appropriate names and to
> control particular Control Change (CC) parameters for a particular
> synth.  Seems weird to me that there is no way to create your own patch
> list so that it shows something sensible and not just GM patch names."
> It seems to be a question for FL's Tech Support.
> Anyway, even if I have a preset for my soundcard, I will need to have all
> configurations done correctly.
> Therefore, I have two problems here: the "investigation & development",
> i.e., to put all MIDI In's and Out's correctly, and the
> "industrialization", i.e., the creation of a preset to a easier access to
> soundcard's XG sound bank.
> Don't feel strange about this perspective. It's just a tendency of mine,
> due to my work :-)
> Bye
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