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Hey Ben

I think that you can definitely get pro sounding recordings in Fruity.
In my experience with the hardware side, everyone always wants the
newer, more sophisticated equipment with higher bit rates and features.
But at the end of the day, as Andy said, its down to the individual to
make what ever gear they have work for them and I have heard some great
tracks made on, what most would describe as, inferior equipment.

With the plethora of software and plug-ins available today, professional
recordings are a given....almost!

My 2 cents


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Aha! - The question is, as someone with experience,
do you think you can achieve releasable material=3D20
from the modest land of fruity,
(with a bunch of VSTi's, plugins and the like)

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Thanks Amit

Maybe I should have been more clear. We wrote the singles we released
when I had a room full of gear. We had, at one time (a year ago):

PC running Cubase VST
Atari 1040 STE (4 Mb)
Mackie 1604 desk
Various rack FX, compessors, gates
Waldorf Pulse Plus rack
Korg MS10
Korg MS20 - amazing if you can get one
Korg Monopoly
Roland Juno 1
Juno 106
Alesis SR16 drums - not used much
Akai S3000XL fully loaded plus zip drive - brilliant
and a few other little things

Now I just have the MS10 which I may sell, the Pulse, which I am selling
and my PC which is a P3-650, 256RAM, 100GB disk space, 32Mb GPU, SB Live
soundcard, not great but does the job most of the time.


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