[fruityloops] A wee intro

  • From: "Alasdair Dunlop" <adunlop@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <fruityloops@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 08:20:14 -0700

Hi All

My name is Ally and I've been using Fruity Loops for a while now and I
make house, trance and trip-hop. It's superb and I get great results
from it. I have been a cubase user for 10 years but now I have pretty
much switched over to Fruity as its intuitive, easy to use and sounds
great. I have a bundle of VSTi' and DXi's installed as well as a ton of
FX although, to be honest, I tend to use Fruity's own FX first as I like
them a lot.

I first used it when a mate gave me V2.72 and I thought it was a bit of
a toy but after an hour I had it singing and dancing, I changed my tune.
I use a lot of samples, mainly ones I have made up, and a lot of fx.

I've had a bit of success in the dance music field. My partner and I
have released 4 singles which were played by the likes of Sasha, Digweed
and Eric Morillo...which is pretty satisfying, we record under the name
Universal. I moved from Scotland to Canada this year so the band is
pretty much finished although we are both good friends still and still
both continue to make music. I also make loops for a website who sell
them to whovever wants to buy them, they are on www.soundoftheweb.com

Best Thing:
The speed, the sound quality, ease of use and flexibility.

Worst thing:
The Sample browser and the arrange window I don't like too much but
that's more being
Used to cubase...I'll get over it.

You know them all

What I'd like to see:
A mixing console built in...I hear that's coming in V4...nice one.

I'll try to reply to any posts people may have but sometimes its hard to
get time being married.

Anyway enough about me, this mailing list looks like a good place to
hang out.


Ally Dunlop

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