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I think it's better to record the automation on a separate pattern to the
actual note data (Bart Q3)

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Yea I am kind of stuck on the same issue. 

I have a loop playing over and am adjusting a filter to give that build up
used in most trance tracks (just lifting the frequency on the filter cut)

I want to be able to record what I am doing in real time and then be able to
audition it and once it's correct be able to use it in a full song
How/what is the best way to do this? 


Oh and I am still on version 3.56 so its not a version 4 issue or anything
like that;~/

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From: Bart Burkhardt [mailto:bart@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [fruityloops] 3 questions

1. how do i program a MIDI key so that I can reverse the sequence of a loop
in realtime?

2. how do I make a loop with a constant turned on synth(so that the Attack
is not triggered) Now i have the problem that when the loop loops, the note
on event is triggered(attack), i want to have the loop in sustain mode (ADSR
> attack, delay, sustain, release)
maybe there's another way to just start a generator that generates some
strange noise during the song, i want to be able to turn on that generator,
and modify parameters while performing.. and this performance i want to
record so i can review it when finished (dive into parameter events)

3. when I have a part with two piano roll loops and two step-sequencer
loops, and when I press record to record knob/slider tweaks, the program
thinks i want to extend the piano roll loop, but i am not playing any of the
piano rool part, i only want to record some volume/pan/lfo changes....

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