FRTM - Updated schedule

  • From: PAT HAUGSE <tacengraver@xxxxxxx>
  • To: Toastmasters Group List <frtm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 15:17:52 -0600

Here is an updated schedule.  I had to make a change among evaluators.  Please 
double check to see who you are associated with and contact that person to 
ensure a quality evaluation.



Toastmaster: Pat Haugse           "Pat Haugse" <tacengraver@xxxxxxx>
Table Topics: Vimal Kant           
General Evaluator: James (C.J.) Klingensmith 
Speaker #1: Cody Childers         "Cody Childers" <makoinwater@xxxxxxx>
Speaker #2: Valerie Forbes        "Valerie Forbes" <Valerie_Rob40@xxxxxxxxx>
Speaker #3: Kerryn Lakers         "Kerryn Lakers" <F50809@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Speaker #4: Celena Collins         "Celena Collins" <celenacollins@xxxxxxx>
Evaluator #1: Earl Allen             "Earl Allen" <wea@xxxxxxxxxx>
Evaluator #2: Kathy Barrett      "Kathy Barrett" <Kathy.Barrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Evaluator #3: James Nicholson    "James Nicholson" <jamesnic@xxxxxxxxxx>
Evaluator #4: Terry Boon           "Terry Boon" <boon67@xxxxxxx>
Grammarian & Word of Day: Greg Burt            
Timer & Joker: TBD
Ah Counter: Bill Farrand         
Inspirator: Paul Dalbec

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