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  • Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 20:07:21 -0400

Paul - 


I will be traveling on business Weds-Fri so I can't fill the Ah Counter
role this week.  





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fellow toastmaster can you please confirm your roles for this thursdays

i need a introduction for ever speaker  


Theme "Sin City"  

Meeting Date: 8-20-2009
Meeting Location: City Hall
Toastmaster: Paul Dalbec            "Paul Dalbec"
<paul_dalbec@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:paul_dalbec@xxxxxxxxxxx> >
Table Topics: Phil Saner           
General Evaluator: James Nicholson      
Speaker #1: Kerryn Lakers           "Kerryn Lakers"
<k.lakers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:k.lakers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> >
Speaker #2: Tom McCauley            "Tom
McCauley"<thomasa.mccauley@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:thomasa.mccauley@xxxxxxxxx>
Speaker #3: Brian Cole              "Brian Cole" <bcole012@xxxxxxxxx
<mailto:bcole012@xxxxxxxxx> >
Speaker #4: Earl Allen              "Earl Allen" <wea@xxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:wea@xxxxxxxxxx> >
Evaluator #1: Vimal Kant            "Vimal Kant"
<Vimal.Kant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:Vimal.Kant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> >
Evaluator #2: Steve Dalbec          "Steven Dalbec"
<steven.dalbec@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:steven.dalbec@xxxxxxxxx> >
Evaluator #3: Greg Krueger          "Greg Krueger" <gkrueger99@xxxxxxxxx
<mailto:gkrueger99@xxxxxxxxx> >
Evaluator #4: Pat Haugse            "Pat Haugse" <tacengraver@xxxxxxx
<mailto:tacengraver@xxxxxxx> >
Grammarian & Word of Day: Joey Teng            
Timer & Joker: Nancy Bray           
Ah Counter: Ken Stelman        <== changed
Inspirator: Greg Burt            
Quiz Master: Dirk Kittredge       
Greeter: Bill Farrand         


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