FRTM - Re: Special Meeting Concept?

  • From: James Klingensmith C.Ht. <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Toastmasters <frtm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 20:30:14 -0600

I want to be one of the Debaters!!! What do you think about this? Instead of 
table tobics one night we should compete for a spot to debate?

James Klingensmith C.Ht.
Official 105.9 Alice Morning Show Hypnotist

Join me

From: dirk@xxxxxxxxxxxx
To: frtm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: FRTM - Special Meeting Concept?
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 12:16:01 -0700

Last night's meeting at Kathy's RNL Design conference room in Downtown Denver 
was superb.  We started a little late as some had issues finding the guard to 
let the elevator go to the second floor.  That said, I was a beautiful room and 
gave us a chance to be in a professional environment with new obsticles to 
overcome.  Thank you, Kathy, for hosting the meeting.
At the end of the meeting we discussed ideas for the next theme meeting.  Bill 
threw out having a debate and everyone seemed to like this idea.  This will 
require some advance planning to put together and participation by the club 
membership.  I'll tell you that we've had three debates in the club since I 
became involved, and each one was an unbeliveable experience for all involved 
and quite interesting to observe.
For example, the following issues were debated in two of our events:
    "Should the theory of Creation by Intelligent Design be taught in public 
    "Should the phrase "under god" be removed from the pledge of allegience?"
So I'm asking for some feedback.  
(1) Does having a debate in our club sound like a good idea to you?
(2) We need a number of roles filled, volunteers anyone?
Debators (4)
Facilitator (1)
Judges (4)
Timers (2)
Refreshments Coordinators (2)
If I have more people volunteer for one role than needed, we will have a random 
drawing.  Ideally the debate teams would be an experienced TM paired with an 
inexperience TM.  We've done this in the past and it has worked out well.
Your thoughts?
Dirk Kittedge
Educational Vice President
Front Range Toastmasters

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