FRTM - Re: Open positions for 1/21 meeting at El Jimador Restaurant

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Howdy Hi one and all and especially Lori, 

It is June. And the good news is my counseling class was canceled for 1/21. So 
I was going to just show up and surprise everybody. 

But if your speakers aren't confirmed.....I would be happy to speak on the 
impact TLI had on me! Or I don't have to speak, I am quite flexible in this 
matter. But do know that I will prepare anyway. 

If someone else wants the opportunity that is fine with me but I'll certainly 
be a back up for you if need be! 

I look forward to seeing everyone! 


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It appears we may have openings for 2 Speaker positions and Grammarian/Word of 
the Day for our meeting Thursday night. 

*Scott  you are still on the schedule as Timer/Joker- >yet to confirm – Please 
let me know ASAP 


This is the time to step up and challenge yourselves to complete that speech 
you’ve been working on! 

Step out of your Comfort Zone and let me know ASAP which slot you can fill for 
our meeting! 

Advanced Members… how about doing an Educational Training session?  

·          Dirk has the tools you’d need to meet the criteria established by 

Please review the list below….  Don’t wait! Take your favorite spot today! 

Meeting Date : January 21, 2010  7:00 PM - 9:00 PM 
Meeting Location: El Jimador Restaurant (113th & Huron) 


·         Toastmaster   Lori High 

·          Table Topics   Robert Baker - confirmed       

·          General Eval   Adam Vesely - confirmed 

Speaker #1      

Steven Dalbec (Jr) 

not confirmed 



Evaluator #1    

Luke Vesely - confirmed 


Speaker #2      

Celena Collins    

not confirmed     



Evaluator #2    

Phil Saner – confirmed 


Speaker #3      

Bob Patton- confirmed                 



Evaluator #3    

Michael Bray- confirmed michael.bray@xxxxxxxxxx 

Speaker #4      

Julia Uhrich – confirmed  


Evaluator #4    

Paul Dalbec – confirmed 


Speakers : Contact your Evaluator 

The speaker and evaluator should exchange info so that the evaluator knows 
ahead of time 

what the speaker is working on in order to be better prepared and give a 
better, more 

effective evaluation of the presentation (compliments of Dirk) 

Speakers : Please prepare a short introduction and send it to me at: 
LoriHigh@xxxxxxxxxxx  by Wednesday evening. 

Grammarian & Word     <open>   A good vocabulary is one of a speaker's most 
important tools! 

      Enrich our meeting and Expand our minds with … The Word of the Day . 

Timer & Joker             Scott Lindsey not confirmed 

Ah Counter                Debby Sargent - confirmed 

Inspiration                  Kathy Barrett - confirmed 

Quiz Master               Steve Dalbec, Sr  - confirmed 

Greeter                       Bill Farrand   not confirmed 

Please call or e-mail if you have any questions! 

Thank you! 

Lori High 



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