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  • Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 15:40:47 -0600

I'm willing to do the Grammarian and word of the day. Do you have directions
on what is expected for these roles? 





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The roles for the meeting this Thursday are below.  Please write to confirm
your role with me.  Currently, everything appears to be filled with the
exception of Timer/Joker.  Any volunteers?

Toastmaster: Pat Haugse           "Pat Haugse" <
<mailto:tacengraver@xxxxxxx> tacengraver@xxxxxxx>
Table Topics: Vimal Kant           
General Evaluator: James (C.J.) Klingensmith 
Speaker #1: Cody Childers         "Cody Childers" <
<mailto:makoinwater@xxxxxxx> makoinwater@xxxxxxx>
Speaker #2: Kerryn Lakers         "Kerryn Lakers" <
<mailto:F50809@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> F50809@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Speaker #3: Valerie Forbes        "Valerie Forbes" <
<mailto:Valerie_Rob40@xxxxxxxxx> Valerie_Rob40@xxxxxxxxx>
Speaker #4: Celena Collins         "Celena Collins" <
<mailto:celenacollins@xxxxxxx> celenacollins@xxxxxxx>
Evaluator #1: Earl Allen             "Earl Allen" < <mailto:wea@xxxxxxxxxx>
Evaluator #2: Tom McCauley      "Tom McCauley"<
<mailto:tom_mccauley@xxxxxxx> tom_mccauley@xxxxxxx>
Evaluator #3: James Nicholson    "James Nicholson" <
<mailto:jamesnic@xxxxxxxxxx> jamesnic@xxxxxxxxxx>
Evaluator #4: Terry Boon           "Terry Boon" < <mailto:boon67@xxxxxxx>
Grammarian & Word of Day: Greg Burt            
Timer & Joker: TBD         
Ah Counter: Bill Farrand         
Inspirator: Paul Dalbec

The theme this Thursday is: It's Spring!  Some of the things we will talk
about are how Spring is different from the other seasons, how to know the
season is turning to Spring, what we like best about the Spring, etc.

Hope to see everyone there.


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