FRTM - Re: Agendas for the next three weeks

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I'll be there as Timer/Joker


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Hey everyone -
Kathy Archer cannot be at the meeting, but Karen Archer will be delighted to be the Toastmaster on Jan 28th!

So do we know where we are going to meet? If the Sargeant At Arms wants help with finding a meeting place, I might have a couple suggestions. Let me know.

I will be sending out a theme very soon. I don't want to hype it too much, but it could be a very interesting meeting. That's all I'm gonna say for now.

I do have one opening at this time and that is for the role as Grammarian. If anyone is interested in that role for this Thursday's meeting, let me know.

Please confirm your roles. The roster is below.

Have a great day!

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Karen Archer
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Subject: FRTM - Agendas for the next three weeks
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Attached are the agendas for the next three meetings.

 - We are meeting off campus at the El Jimador 1/21/10.
- We are meeting off campus on 1/28/10 - any suggestions of where to meet?
 - 02/04/10 at Thornton City Hall
- We are meeting off campus on 2/11/10 at Kathys office RNL; people interested in car-pooling meet at Thornton City Hall at 6:15PM. - Microphone night is tentatively planned for 2/25/10 - see Dirk, Steve or Ray if would like to be a presenter this night - any topics around audio, visual, microphones or using mics would be considered. - We look forward to our three new members doing their ice breaker speeches next week. Welcome Crystal, Debby and Ramiz.

Would the Toastmasters Kathy Archer, 1/28; Robert Baker, 2/4; Jeff Priestly 2/11. please confirm your roles.

Happy toastmasting!

Julia Uhrich
VP of Ed

Agendas for the next three weeks:

January 28, 2010 Off campus – need to set up a place t o meet

Toastmaster            "Karen Archer" karcher1234@xxxxxxxxxx

Table Topics                 "Dirk Kittredge" dirk@xxxxxxxxxxxx

General Evaluator     "Terry Boon" boon67@xxxxxxx

Speaker 1               “Crystal Baker” crystal.spindler@xxxxxxxxx

Speaker 2               “Debby Sargent” uofr61@xxxxxxxxx

Speaker 3 "Jeff Priestley" <Jeff.E.Priestley@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Speaker 4               “Ramzi Dalloul” doctorramzi@xxxxxxx

Evaluator 1              "William Farrand" WHFarrand@xxxxxxx

Evaluator 2              "Bob Trucker"<roberttrucker@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Evaluator 3              "Joey Teng"<chunteng@xxxxxxxxx>

Evaluator 4              Michael Bray

Grammarian            Adam Vesely

Timer & Joker          Anselma Lopez

Ah Counter              Ken Stelman

Inspirator                Celena Collins

Quizmaster              Bob Patton

Greeter                   Scott Lindsey

February 4, 2010

Toastmaster            "Robert Baker" <bake9665@xxxxxxxxx>

Table Topics                 Michael Bray

General Evaluator "James 'CJ' Klingensmith"<cjklingensmith@xxxxxxx>

Speaker 1               "Steve Dalbec Sr." <milehigh_hvs@xxxxxxx>,

Speaker 2               "Kathy Barrett" <Kathy.Barrett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,

Speaker 3

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