FRTM - Meeting on 8/6

  • From: PAT HAUGSE <tacengraver@xxxxxxx>
  • To: Toastmasters Group List <frtm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 19:08:14 -0600

I will be Toastmaster this Thursday, 8/6.  Members' roles are defined below.  
Please confirm with me whether or not you will be able to fill the role you're 
scheduled for as soon as possible.  If you're a speaker or an evaluator, 
contact the person you are evaluating, or who is evaluating you, to prepare for 
the meeting.  Speakers should send me their introduction and the name of their 

Toastmaster: Pat Haugse (Confirmed)"Pat Haugse" <tacengraver@xxxxxxx>
Table Topics: Bob Patton           
General Evaluator: Joey Teng            
Speaker #1: Ken Stelman            "Ken Stelman" <ken.stelman@xxxxxxxx>
Speaker #2: Greg Krueger           "Greg Krueger" <gkrueger99@xxxxxxxxx>
Speaker #3: Steve Dalbec           "Steven Dalbec" <steven.dalbec@xxxxxxxxx>
Speaker #4: Scott Lindsey          "Scott Lindsey" <SLindsey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Evaluator #1: Terry Boon           "Terry Boon" <boon67@xxxxxxx>
Evaluator #2: Cody Childers        "Cody Childers" <makoinwater@xxxxxxx>
Evaluator #3: Phil Saner           "Phil Saner"<psaner@xxxxxxx>
Evaluator #4: James (C.J.) Klingensmith "CJ 
Grammarian & Word of Day: Lori Saine           
Timer & Joker: Bob Trucker          
Ah Counter: Lori High            
Inspirator: Kathy Barrett        
Quiz Master: Michael Bray         
Greeter: Celena Collins


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