FRTM - Meeting Recap for May 17, 2012

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Congratulations to 1st time Toastmaster Anand Shukla!  Your meeting was
artfully executed! GOOD JOB!!  


I loved hearing your reasons for joining the FRTM Club: We are a Friendly,
Fun Loving Club where Members are disciplined to Grow the Toastmasters way!
Great picture to paint!!   ;0) 


A warm welcome to Front Range's NEWEST Toastmaster (voted in this evening):
Beverly Wheeler!  We are happy to have you in our club!  

Plug in, follow the Toastmaster Program... we look forward to getting to
know you and helping you reach your goals! 


Inspiration provided by:  Luke Vesely?   how important is it that we all
challenge ourselves to continue to grow ...  Never Stop Learning! 

Educate your mind and enrich your Life!  Thank you Luke for sharing these
important thoughts!  

Quite appropriate for a Toastmasters meeting, don't you think?


Our Riveting Reviewer: Earl Allen. (Synopsis compliments of Wikipedia)

The movie Atlas Shrugged is based on a book written by: Ayn Rand

The theme of Atlas Shrugged, as Rand described it, is "the role of man's
mind in existence". Explores a number of philosophical themes that Rand
would subsequently develop into the philosophy of Objectivism. It advocates
the core tenets of Rand's philosophy of Objectivism and expresses her
concept of human achievement. In doing so, it expresses many facets of
Rand's philosophy, such as the advocacy of reason
<> , individualism
<> , capitalism
<> , and the failures of government

THANK YOU to Our Speakers ...

Feliks Melamed: Economics of Servicing.   ***Congratulations Feliks!  BEST

Feliks shared the process that Mortgage Servicing follows... Now we ALL know
how many hands are in the POT that takes and takes (and takes) ...from the
monthly mortgages that we work hard to pay!  My friend Wikipedia shared an
interesting fact... The word mortgage is a French
<>  term meaning "death contract,"
meaning that the pledge ends (dies) when either the obligation is fulfilled
or the property is taken through foreclosure
<>  .  Now isn't that a morbid
thought!  The American Dream...BUSTED!  :0(


James Klingensmith: The Cold Call!   

Who knew...CJ is a MASTER  at printing money!   Well, perhaps I should
qualify this statement!!  CJ earned his stripes (or  perhaps his Tommy
Bahamas flowers...) with his sales acumen as a child protégée.  CJ was just
6 when he first learned to be a successful Salesman!   The COLD Call is
skill that few are comfortable with...and CJ seems to have mastered!  I get
the feeling that CJ could sell snow to the Eskimos... probably at a premium
too!!   Interesting tips... (I even caught Dirk taking notes, when money
flies... Dirk takes notice! )  


Table Topics Master Adam Vesely elected to focus on disasters... emergent
situations and downright ? BAD events...  

Table Topics participants had the opportunity to role play...  Their job:
Address the Press...  Damage Control ...  

***Winner of Table Topics:  David Hassler  

As CEO of Garmin GPS Corporation... David poked fun at the GPS gone bad...
Dang pranksters...


*** Best Evaluator winner was Kathy Barrett...   Kathy challenged CJ as an
Advanced Speaker to reach for those Toasty Stars...  Valid feedback?
respectfully delivered.  


***Mystery hand shaker: Yours truly(me)? and the winner LUCKY #7?  Earl


As GE... my final thoughts!!!     We all come to Toastmasters  seeking
something!  I encourage you to write down your Toastmaster goals...  Newer
members:  If you need help.. reach out to ANY officer of this club or your
mentor (if you need/want a mentor.... let me know!!)   

This is our laboratory... our safe place to strengthen our week points and
build on OR tame our strengths...  (just think about that statement for a
moment...)    I found that which I love to do... I probably do well. That
which I don't like so much... I probably need to work on!  One of my written
goals early on was...  "Participate in EACH meeting"...  I wanted to learn
EACH role... learn which ones I liked best...and identify those roles that I
did not like.  Then work the roles I "did not like" and understand WHY I
didn't like them!  Then... do them UNTIL I liked them!    It has been
painful at times? and still is!!  But I am committed (don?t confuse that
with should be committed OK!)   ;0) 


Time reflecting on your presence and participation at the meetings can be a
meaningful exercise...  Take time to reflect after the meetings...    We
grow when we are aware of our contribution.  


Never Stop Learning!  Educate your mind and enrich your Life!  

Stay Connected my friends! 

Lori High

Front Range Toastmasters 

District 26 E4 & F4 Area Governor 

Cell: 303-913-5146

Email: Lhightop2@xxxxxxxxxxx





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