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    We are in the printer business! 
see email :

I got permission from Mike for new compatible SS-92274 @ 23.95, you can have 
the tested working (reconditioned) 4L's @ 10.

that is for the TONER cartridge's for the HP 4L printer
we have about 10 HP 5L and 6L printers that I have been dragging my feet on 

short story-
Henry (MCE) have these older printers that are to slow and memory limited for 
serious workplace use
so they are available for us
we can select them using 2 conditions
 condition 1 - apply power, NO LIGHTS or any other indication of life = THROW 
      apply power, lights come on BUT BLINK (paper out, no toner, etc) put a 
toner cartridge in and paper, IF LIGHTS STILL BLINK = THROW AWAY
condition 2 - apply power, lights come on, put in toner and paper and the 
printer starts acting normal = KEEP and recondition
of the 10 I have ALL were condition 2 (so these things are pretty robust)
once again a 2 tier process
1 - replace separator pad
    the only real Achilles heel of the 5L / 6L printer design is the RUBBER 
used in the page separator pad.
These printers were made in the 90's (I think) and the rubber on the pad has 
MAYBE a 10 year lifetime, then it dries up and PAGES JAM and it picks up more 
than 1 page at a time (not doing its 'separator function).
SO the true HP way is to replace the pad in a recondition
BUT they raised the price to $16 per pad (ouch!)
and I have been trying to get a large (> 25) order together for maybe $5 per 
pad from ANYONE, but they are being hard to find
on to plan 2
2 - we use RE-GRIP rubber restorer on both the pad and the pickup roller (pad 
is stationary, the roller is on the shaft and pulls the paper when it rotates) 
we NEVER use alcohol on the rubber (dries it out faster)
the only prob is that WE CAN'T GUARANTEE ANYTHING (not really a problem, maybe 
just a nuisance)
SO...what we can do. (easily)
1 take apart down to rubber components (10-15 mins)
2 put regrip on the rubber parts (might have to let it dry before reassembly, 
10-30 mins)
3 clean inside / outside of case, while its off (formula 409, or equivalent, 
5-10 mins)
4 reassemble , keeping skin oils off the rubber parts (latex gloves?) ( 
PATIENCE! 10-15 mins )
5 test with a cartridge and paper, run maybe 10 sheets through to test the 
separator pad (5 mins max)

so that's the printer scoop, I have: 1 done 5L and cartridge, Qtips and regrip, 
some paper and about 10 used, dirty, ignored, forgotten, give-me-a-home 5L and 
6L printers.
If we are meeting tomorrow, I was going to bring then down and we could add 
ANOTHER task to the current workload, OR I can wait till we are more ahead with 
let me know 
Ed Sisler

more short story-
the 'L' line from HP is 4L, 5L, and 6L
the 4L is a 'pick up' printer, in that the paper is BELOW and its pick's UP the 
paper and prints, then it exits on TOP
the 5L and 6L are different, the paper is ABOVE, and it has to 'separate the 
pages as it prints each page then the paper exits on the BOTTOM, and you have 2 
ways to collate, once it exits the printer.
the difference is important...the 4L DOESN'T have the separator pad problem the 
5L and 6L does..
so we might want to look into them as a printer to support also.
I haven't tried it yet, but ALL these printers understand HP PCL, so if we just 
load an HP PCL Linux printer driver, we should be able to plug in a 4L 5L or 6L 
and a bunch of other HP printers with out changing the driver.

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