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  • From: "Jay Schlatter" <jschlatter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 09:56:07 -0500

The problem only arises in icewm. if I go to $home/.icewm/preferences
and call out a font, same issue, on the other hand, if I use and unknown
font or bad font name, it comes ok and useable and readable. It is
driving me nuts.
I used a 13w3 to VGA adapter and then a VGA-to-VGA Sync-on-Green
I could pull it off the Indy here for a little while if needs be, the
whole setup is rather costly.
Let me know,
O. Jay Schlatter
Technology Director
Goodwill Industries of Michiana, Inc. <http://www.goodwill-ni.org/> 
(574) 472-7383

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        What GUI are you using? I have some experience on Gnome but ZERO
on KDE. Try the Gnome-Panel, If I remember correctly, you can specify
the default font size used by the system
        * * * On Another Subject * * *
           Indy-2. Do you have a interface to match up Indy-2 to a
standard VGA monitor or do we have a SGI monitor laying around? I've
been trying to email you this question at home but comcast.net has a
major problems delivering messages to freelists.org for whatever reason.
           Basically I'm stuck going no where til I get an adapter for
it. I'll willing to buy it but would rather borrow one of you have it or
if it is in the best interest of FGM to buy one then where did you get
yours from and I'll toss it into our arsenal of toys. I am aware that
the adapter has to convert the sync signal or the monitor has to be able
to support sync on green signals. What monitor did you use?
        Jay Schlatter wrote: 

                Loaded VL 4 on a laptop last night and it installed
quick, runs quick, but with 1024x768 @ 16-bit the fonts on the menu are
microscopic. Anyone have experience fixing this?
                O. Jay Schlatter
                Technology Director
                Goodwill Industries of Michiana, Inc.
                (574) 472-7383

        Richard "Goose" Zimmerman
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