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Tests for your assistant:

- How does VL 5 soho perform other than OO.org?
- How does VL 5 standard compare to VL 5 soho?
- How many desktops are installed in each?
- Do the media players work?
- Does it detect and install drivers for winmodems (which ones)?
- Do the icons and menu items work as advertised?
- What is the main file manager?
- How are the fonts?
- Are the dialup and high-speed setups bulletproof?
- Is there a useful spreadsheet?

There are three iso images in the ibiblio VL 5 directory: soho, standard (beta release) and dynamite. Forget dynamite.

The standard version should run well on FB2 specs according to the docs. otoh, VL 4.3 seems to be faster than VL 5 according to MadPenguin.

VL now has useful documentation. I skimmed it. Worth reading.

In the docs, they mention a soft modem test utility which will identify, well...soft modems. It may be one of these.


At 11:54 AM 5/6/05 -0500, you wrote:

Well, with 320 MB of ram it appears twice as fast to bring it to a tolerable speed, but definitely not recommended.

O. Jay Schlatter
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Well&. It runs&. Kinda like windows 98 on a 386sx20 with 16mb ram.

For those of you that don t understand&. Slow. Takes over a minute to launch OOwriter.

Opera is not installed by default, but version 8 downloads and installs without a hitch.

It seems pretty heavy for a PII, it might do better with more memory.

I see if I can t dig some memory up and see how it run with 256 MB.

O. Jay Schlatter
Technology Director
<http://www.goodwill-ni.org/>Goodwill Industries of Michiana, Inc.
(574) 472-7383

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