[frgeek-michiana] Tuesday and modems and kiosks, oh my ...

  • From: mdcsystems@xxxxxxxxxxx (Mike Cook)
  • To: frgeek-michiana@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 20:50:09 +0000

Sorry I missed Tuesday, I fell asleep after work and didn't wake up until I had 
to go to work this morning. I've been working more on both the modem testing 
and the kiosk setup.  

I've gotten the modem test machine just about ready to run, I'm hoping another 
week will do it, still having trouble getting the machine to answer the phone 

At the moment I'm using Firefox as I have had some extra dependency 
issues with later versions. I also looked at Opera but didn't want to have to 
add libstdc++6 and the Qt libs to the build. I'm trying to keep things to a 
minimum since we will be running from CD.  A lighter browser would be nice but, 
I need to make sure it is generally supported and does javascript and ssl.  Did 
Forrest find anything more out about requirements for the kiosk?

I'll try to make it on Thursday if possible.

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