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  • From: Richard Zimmerman <ke4rit@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2008 18:57:45 -0500

Tom Brown wrote:
The St. Adalbert/St. Casimir parish has several projects that mimic Free Geek/FGM, and they need help moving them forward.

 Coolness... Yes still have the flu but just about over it at this point.

The only downside at this point turns out to be the same as with the Sally: background checks for all adults who work with parish youth when sponsored by the parish. The upside is the parish is willing to pay for the background checks, keep them on record at the parish office and issue official letters stating that FGM volunteers have passed the checks. We can use the letters and checks to cover us when working with other organizations. The parish youth will be chaperoned by a certified person whenever they come to our warehouse or lab so I don't believe we need background checks for that.

As before I'll go through a background check for the record. If you need my 411, just give me the number of the person to contact, etc.

The special projects director will arrange a visit at St. Casimirs and call me back. I will show her and another parish IT person the lab at the Sally.
I'd like to come along if you would like me there. Just me me some heads to so I can arrange to take some vacation hours...


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